For whom is a Visco mattress suitable?

Visco mattresses are said to be a good choice, especially for people with back pain. But is that true? And what exactly distinguishes Visco mattresses at all? Visco sleeping pads feature a polymer foam core, allowing the product to adapt to the body of the recumbent to 100% – for maximum pressure relief.

What is a Visco mattress?

Visco mattresses, also known as “Tempur mattresses” and called “mattresses with memory”, have in the core a special thermoplastic polymer foam. This was originally developed for NASA, which proves how innovative and efficient this technology is. The special composition of the Visco foam allows the material to give way even under heat and light pressure and the body of the lying can sink softly into the mattress. This forms a depression, a kind Kuhle that is exactly adapted to the body contours of the sleeping. By this yielding of the elastic core is a permanent relief of the joints and spine, especially the intervertebral discs. In this way, the entire body is optimally protected at night and can recover from the stress of the day.

Thanks to their properties, Visco mattresses have also been used in the orthopedic sector for some time – for example in rehab clinics – as the medical profession has recognized the numerous advantages and the health-promoting effect of this type of mattress. But even in private households, these sleep documents are becoming increasingly popular.

For whom is a Visco mattress suitable?

Since Visco mattresses distribute body weight evenly, no unpleasant pressure points arise, which makes the product particularly suitable for side sleepers, back sleepers and persons who maintain a position for a long time. Abdominal browsers may superficially sink too deep, with insufficient support for the body.

But people also benefit from the soft material that on other mattresses feels pressure pain when lying or suffering from circulatory problems (sleepy limbs).This is best time to buy mattress.

In addition, the Visco mattress is an ideal pad for anyone who is experiencing joint pain, nerve pain, tension, back pain or spinal problems, or who should not get up from bed for medical reasons. Various models are therefore used in the care sector to prevent bedsores by reducing pressure points.